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1965 Mustang GT Coupe SOLD Mustang’s Wanted

1965 Ford Mustang GT Coupe SOLD

91000 Miles (not warranted)

This 1965 Mustang GT Coupe for sale is just the perfect spec with an A code 4 barrel 289 V8 engine from the factory and Four speed manual transmission. An early production car built in October 1964 and a genuine GT package Coupe this San Jose California built Mustang is in excellent condition, the frame is very good and the body is virtually rust free.

Finished in Metallic Silver with a hint of metalflake the paint is in very decent condition, inside is very good indeed showing very little wear at all to the very desirable Black pony interior and Black carpets. All the GT package extras are in place the gauges and original switches all appear to function correctly. Along with three Autometer auxiliary gauges. Dual exhaust exiting correctly through the rear panel, White Letter tyres are nearly new and the American Racing Alloys are excellent and unmarked.

Running a 289ci small block V8 engine with headers aftermarket carb and intake and a HEI distributor with just a few chrome dress up pieces and a Hurst shifted four speed Transmission. Under the hood is nice and exactly how you would hope to find it.

This Mustang drives very well and it’s Ready to impress at your local cruise !!

The Mustang is supplied with MOT & UK Registered

1965 For Mustang GT Coupe £SOLD


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